About Our Family

I absolutely love my life.  I am a wife to the world's greatest husband, the mother to three beautiful little childreb and everything else from teacher to chef.  What could be better than staying at home with my babies?  When the day to day things like doing dishes and laundry get me down all I have to do is gather the girls up and head to the park, museum, zoo, or library.  I so love the freedom to enjoy my girls and consider it such a blessing to be with them all the time.  It is pure joy to be the primary influence in their lives and my greatest endeveavor to teach them about the love of Christ and instill in them the values that will empower them to accept and rise to any challenge that God calls them to.

In addition to spending time with my sweet family, I also love to read, cook, sew, and crochet. Cooking hasn't always been on my fav list.  However, I have found the more I learn about HOW to cook, the more fun it is! Sewing is new to me, but I am loving the opportunity to learn.  My life is pretty straightforward and normal but its crazy fun too.  I love it!

My amazingly talented husband is truly my best friend and my inspiration.  In 2009 he started his own business (Scott Haas Construction)..  We are very blessed to have plenty of work.  He loves his job and is constantly looking for ways to improve himself and his company.  He loves his family and works hard to make us a priority. I love love love him!

There aren't enough words to describe how perfectly sweet, independent, smart, funny, challenging, and wonderful my oldest daughter is.  Everything that makes her wonderful are also the sames things that make her a bit of a handful at times.  She's afraid of storms, worries constantly about her health and well-being, and she is very demanding.  She is also very sensitive (cries during movies), a cuddler, a social butterfly, and very smart and inquisitive (if I do say so myself).  She is one of our greatest treasures!

Our youngest daughter is all laughs.  I think one of her greatest purposes on Earth must be to make me smile.  I've never met a baby so inclined to giggle and so eager to make everyone else as happy as she is.  These smiles are rarely eclipsed by unhappiness, but when they are we are in for a challenge.  She is very strong-willed and will go to great lengths to get what she wants.  We adore her!

Lilly is our middle daughter and has a very special story.  She went to be with Jesus on April 5, 2008 when she was 20 months old.  To read more about our incredible journey with her, visit her website.

Archer is our newest addition and we adore him more than words!  We couldn't be happier about having a son to make our family complete.  Right now he is the sweetest little cuddle bug ever and I cherish ever second I get to snuggle with him.