Thursday, August 26, 2010

Visitors :)


We love it when my sister and her family come to visit us.  Liberty adores them, plus they always bring the cutest and newest addition to our family (Hannah) :).  We decided to take them to our new favorite family spot—the indoor pool in Kingfisher.  It’s only a 30 min drive from our house and it is so great.  Perfect for all of our little ones and no sunscreen needed!  This kids had a blast.  Emory and Hannah both love the water!IMG_0631-1Liberty and HannahIMG_0628

After we ate, we attempted to take them to Eischen’s in Okarche but it was packed even though it was 2:30 in the afternoon.  We decided that the wait wasn’t going to work with 3 tired, hungry kiddos.  We ended up at Chuck House in Edmond and were not disappointed.  YUM!

We just hung out and visited the rest of the night while the kids played.  We have discovered that Emory doesn’t share very well.  She gets very frustrated when other little ones want to play with her toys.  She and Hannah are very close in age so I know they will be good friends (even if Emory is a little selfish right now).


Before they headed home, we went to the Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.  It was really beautiful and Liberty enjoyed it.  She LOVES looking at art and since its largely a gallery, she just thought it was great.

They have amazing gardens.  The kids really weren’t cooperative for pictures though.  We will have to go back and get better ones.

IMG_0637-1IMG_0639-1 IMG_0640-1 IMG_0652-1   IMG_0633-1

This was too adorable.  They all like sitting on the saddles.

We had a great time visiting and playing with all these little girls :).

Friday, August 13, 2010

Family Pictures

Check out our new family pictures.  They are SO good.  My friend Lydia took them and it was so quick and easy.  Pictures can be so stressful.  It always seems like it is so much effort and trying to get both kids happy and looking at the camera at the same time takes a magician.  This time it couldn’t have been easier and I am so thankful.  It was at least a 100 degrees outside and Lydia managed to get all these shots in about 10 minutes!

I especially love the ones of the girls together.  They are so precious.  You can really tell how much they adore one another.  I also think Liberty looks like such a big girl.  Oh my goodness, it just took my breath away.  Where has the time gone?

There is also one of Emory where she is holding her arms up in her famous gesture.  I think it is absolutely priceless that Lydia captured this moment.  It is one of the cutest things Emory does right now.  It is her universal gesture.  She does it all the time.

Thanks Lydia!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

13 months old

IMG_0546-2Emory is an absolute blast these days.  I feel like I spend half my time saying “look at Emory” or “watch what Emory can do.”  She is hilarious and her personality is really starting to show.  It’s amazing to me how different her personality is from Liberty’s when she was the same age.  I wonder what Emory will be like when she is six.  I don’t thing she is going to be laid back like Liberty.  She already has such a fiery spirit and is determined to get her way.

These days she is all about being a big girl.  She is such a copycat and wants to do whatever we are doing.  She gets so upset if she feels she is being left out.  If she discovers that she can do something that will make you laugh, she will do it over and over again.  One of my favorite things that she has started to mimic is patting us on the back when she hugs us.  She usually does this to Scott when he gets home from work.  She gets so excited and lays her head on his shoulder and pats him on the back.  So sweet.  She has also started doing this with her babies.  She also likes to “talk” on the phone and comb her own hair.  IMG_0524-2All things she regularly sees us doing.  She also loves to draw, which Liberty does all the time.  What cracks me up is that she almost always holds her pencil, crayon, or marker correctly!  I definitely don’t remember Liberty being interested in drawing this early.  She hasn’t decided which hand she prefers to draw with and switches back and forth frequently.

IMG_0564So excited to have a pencil and my journal.

IMG_0568-2  I like this one.  It looks like she is really concentrating on a masterpiece =).

She loves to play.  She just follows Liberty around and loves it when Liberty plays on the floor with her.  I have rearranged Liberty’s room so Emory can go in there anytime she wants and she loves it.IMG_0491She is into everything.  I finally had to get a baby gate for the kitchen because the regularly likes to empty my cabinets and the contents of various boxes.  The other day we found her in a giant pile of fettuccine.  She was so proud of emptying the box that I couldn’t be mad at her.  She scooted to the kitchen door and pointed back to the mess trying to show everyone what she had done. 

She also likes to take all the movies off the shelves…and the cd’s…and the books…and the puzzles.  There is just no way to baby proof everything she gets into.  Not in a house this small anyway.  I don’t know where I would put everything.

IMG_0567This is her universal gesture for everything.  She started doing it when I would hold up my hands like that and say “Where is Daddy?”  Then she just started doing it all the time.  We aren’t sure what she means when she does it, but its so stinking cute.  It must mean a variety of things to her or maybe she knows it will make us smile.  I love it.  Just about everything she does makes me smile.

She loves to throw things in the trash…or the toilet…or my purse.  I just now found her standing at the bathtub where she had thrown Liberty’s shoe, a marker, a hair brush, and her sippy cup all inside.  It isn’t uncommon to find our clothes in the trash where she has picked them up off the floor and “put them away.”  One of her favorite places to put things in in the bottom drawer of Scott’s dresser.  If I am missing a flip flop, I can almost guarantee Emory has put it in that drawer. 

IMG_0560-2She loves being thrown in the air.  IMG_0498 She loves sharing popsicles with her sister. 

She is still eating really well and transitioned no problem to whole milk.  Surprisingly she is still only about 20lbs.  Her roundness makes her appear larger than the really is =). 

She takes two naps a day and usually goes down no problem.  Getting her to bed for the night is still challenging and she wakes up frequently throughout the night.  She usually ends up in bed with us around 4 a.m.

She still isn’t talking although she attempts to say “Bye, Bye” which typically sounds like “Da, Da” and she also tries to say “Hello” when she’s talking on her phone, but it sounds like “Ah, Ah.”

She is still scooting around on her bottom.  She seems perfectly content not to walk at all right now.  Although she is now proficient at pulling up, she is showing no signs of taking steps.  She doesn’t even like it when we hold her hands and walk with her.


She is the best and I adore her.