Saturday, January 14, 2012

New house...but not our house

When Scott and I started the process of building our new home we anticipated it to take 3-4 months tops. Now 8+ months in (counting the time it took the architects to get us a plan) we have found ourselves extremely frustrated on more than one occasion. We have to constantly remind ourselves that God's timing is better than ours and if he's telling us to put on the brakes then there must be a reason. Hmmm...someone remind me again next week when I've forgotten again :). Our situation became even more stressful when the owner of our rent house didn't extend our lease past January. We now have to be our of the rent house by the 30th and our new house is a least a month if not longer from being complete. Soooo....where are we going to live? Up until a couple of days ago, we had NO idea. Just the thought of having to move all of our stuff plus 3 kids twice is overwhelming. Not knowing where we were going was stress overload.

As it turns out, one of our friends has an extra house. Literally a house that is just sitting empty that they are going to let us stay in. But, that isn't even the best part. The house is fully furnished! The only things we have to move is our bed and our clothes. There are even dishes in the cabinets! That means we will only have to pack and unpack once!!! We can live in this house rent free for as long as we need and it's conveniently located in Edmond. When options like living in an RV for 30 days we're going through my mind, this is truly an amazing blessing! We looked at the house today and honestly it is so much better than even our rent house that I can't help but feel completely overwhelmed with gratitude at the generosity of our friends . Just the fact that we will have two bathrooms again is enough to make me want to do a little happy dance. So, now we are looking at the best of a bad situation.

Super thankful!

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