Monday, January 16, 2012

Operation Potty Train Emory -- Complete!

love her!
On Jan. 2, against my will, we started potty training Emory. Scott has been on me about it for months but I was definitely not going to start whilst pregnant! I promised him I would start in Jan whether I wanted to or not. I don't know why, but it just seemed like such a daunting task. Thankfully God gave me Liberty. As it turns out, it's not as hard to be a mommy when one of my children is Liberty Grace. She basically potty trained Emory--taking her to the bathroom a hundred times a day for two weeks :). I was telling Scott the other day that Emory was basically trained and told him Liberty did about 80% of the work while I only did 20%. She promptly disagreed saying I only did about 1% :). I told her I get extra credit for the day I had to clean poo off the kitchen floor! She conceded. So we have one less kiddo in diapers and I'm so glad its behind us. My girls are getting so big!

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